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Before challenging terrain or an unstable environment interferes with the success of your project, allow our durable and adaptable ground mats to support the foundation of your worksite. Our construction access mats adapt to your complex landscape considerations while providing a low-cost and easily-installed alternative to expensive or permanent support structures. 

Designed to support your project from the ground up, we deliver, install, and prepare your job site for success. Beyond providing the best ground mats in the construction industry, we take the time with every partner to identify which ground mats will be the most effective for your precise project parameters. We will walk you through the various material differences, and weight-bearing capacities, and strengthen the fundamentals of your day-to-day operations with access matting solutions that overcome every project limitation.


How Construction Access Mats Streamline Projects

By approaching every project with your big-picture goals in mind, our effective ground mat installations prevent avoidable worksite delays, equipment problems, and safety issues. With the additional stability, traction, and terrain protection our ground mats provide, your project stands to benefit with:

Crane mat rentals secure your most valuable assets and the consistency of the underlying terrain. Our heavy-duty crane mats and composite mats evenly disperse excessive load force, effectively minimizing the impacts of equipment disturbances across the project site.

By proactively safeguarding the integrity of all working surfaces exposed to heavy loads and excessive foot traffic, you preserve the environment and simplify post-project site restoration. Especially valuable when traversing or working alongside sensitive areas like wetlands or lawns, our composite swamp mats, lawn protection mats, and excavator mud mats protect the natural ecosystem and minimize erosion.

Our versatile composite mats, timber mats, and swamp mats overcome difficult-to-access terrain with ease. Through muddy and soggy landscapes, our lightweight swamp mats’ and interlocking components stay in place and prevent your heavy equipment from sinking into the mud. For inclines, slope reinforcements, and uneven access, our textured construction mats provide better traction for both foot and equipment traffic.

With precision job site tasks like slope stabilization and foundation preparation, there’s no room for error when hauling heavy loads and managing complex maneuvers. Our fast and reliable assistance will be there with the exact materials you need in less time, protecting the surrounding terrain and the integrity of your project every step of the way.

We Offer A Variety of Ground Protection Mats For Heavy Equipment

Our full range of access matting products protect your high-value equipment assets as well as the delicate environment while enabling access to areas not accessible by vehicle and not conducive to stone roads. Access matting solutions allow for swift traversing of protected wetlands, meadows, farm fields, rocky creek beds and water crossings. Access for utility trucks, pipeline and construction vehicles, military trucks, and heavy equipment can be enabled with our matting solutions.   

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Engineered to withstand maximum weight capacity without cracking or warping, our rugged ground mats for heavy equipment adapt to the harshest of worksite conditions. Not only will our ground mats for heavy equipment protect the underlying terrain, but the additional stability improves operational efficiency in several ways. 

Commonly used for forklifts, tractors, and crane stabilization, our wood mats for heavy equipment, crane mats, and innovative composite materials improve construction crew accuracy and safety. For example, when your equipment is less likely to shift or sway, sensitive material placement, precise slope reinforcement, and other complex construction maneuvers are completed correctly.

We Offer A Variety of Mats, Including:

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Trust DI with your safety

Diverse Infrastructure selects the appropriate ground protection to enable your crews’ safe access to a wide array of hard to access locations and jobsites:


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Our dependable team specializes in the deployment of emergency support services to areas where storm damage prevents access to areas that are difficult to enter under normal conditions. DI can also solve/handle all your access matting demands including the delivery/installation/removal for temporary access with mats, installing a stone road for longer or permanent projects and job site restoration.

Our ground protection rental offerings include:

Composite Mats

  • For environmentally sensitive areas, composite mats provide supreme ground protection over existing vegetation, while allowing safe access to jobsites
  • Light to haul and easy to install
  • Prevents runoff and erosion
  • Interlocking design supports use in wetlands, marsh and bay areas
  • MegaDeck® HD (7.5’x14′ — 1,095lbs.)

Dura-Base® Composite Mats

  • Temporary jobsites for heavy equipment access
  • Double-sided and easy to install
  • Unique patented Interlocking system: preferred by gas and utility companies across America
  • We offer Dura Base Composite matting (8’x14’ — 1,000lbs.)
  • Two sizes (8’x12’ and 8’x14’)
  • 2-ply (bolted) and 3-ply configurations (bolted or laminate) 
  • Heavy-duty ground protection
  • The hardwood is strong enough to support heavy equipment
  • Ideal to use to cross water ways when coupled with crane mats and traverse steep grades
  • Protects the grounds surface so restoration can be minimized 
  • Designed for the safety of your workers and equipment
  • Long-lasting and environmentally friendly
  • Best for jobsites that require strong, quality hardwood mats
  • Designed to support the heaviest equipment (IE: drilling platforms)
  • Structural support members for building bridges across gully’s, streams and uneven terrain
  • Crane matting in 8” or 12” thickness and in the following lengths—16’, 20’ 24’, 30’ & 40’.
  • Cross water easily with a temporary bridge
  • Rapidly deliver our range of temporary crossings and install the bridges efficiently so your vehicles and equipment can enter a jobsite over a waterway, through a storm surge area, ditch or obstacles preventing easy delivery of your workforce 
  • Our inventory has a 30’ and 40’ Timber Bridge.  We also have a 40’ Steel Bridge which is Engineered stamped for 80,000lbs. (40 Tons) of utilization.

Environmental Matting provides access to areas that are not conducive to permanent or temporary stone roads.  Matting will protect the ground and provide a safe and reliable access road for equipment and personnel.  Access matting enables heavy equipment to operate at full capacity on unstable, sandy or spongy terrain.  The mats also protect the landscape where they are laid allowing natural grasses to replenish while the mats are still in place.   Installing mats on jobsites will help maintain schedules for projects regardless of the weather and provide crews with a secure work environment. 

Common applications for access matting includes utility right of ways, protected wetlands, swamps, marshlands, beaches, protected forests, temporary roads, construction sites, natural gas pipelines, temporary bridges, landfills, and jobsite access for heavy vehicles, cranes and equipment.

Installation of matting aids in site preservation as the access area is disturbed less by the construction process, which aids post-construction restoration.

Uniquely Constructed Mats That Can Be Used On Several Terrains & Equipment Types

We also offer an array of lighter-duty options that are ideal for other sensitive surface applications. For example, our easily placed lawn protection mats, composite swamp mats, and timber mats are a reliable solution to protect against foot traffic, mud tracks, and time-consuming reseeding or surface repair tasks. 

Among our most popular ground protection equipment rentals, ground mats for heavy equipment made from composite materials withstand inclement project conditions. For example, if you need long-term surface support in a rainy climate, choosing composite construction mats or weather-resistant timber mats for heavy equipment prevents unexpected project delays and equipment entrapments. Our stronger construction access mats resist rot and other structural issues that can arise when exposed to the elements for a prolonged period. 

While our composite excavator mats and crane mats are the preferred choices for long-term outdoor projects, our wood mats for heavy equipment are also appropriate for several high-capacity access matting applications. Timber mats are easy to position, budget-friendly, and are a sturdy option for temporary crane mat rentals where reliable surface integrity and budget preservation are the focus.

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Access the Best Online Support & Direct Onsite Assistance

Whether you utilize our timber mats for heavy equipment, or you’re looking for the best ground protection equipment rentals to support your long-term project goals, every heavy equipment mat we deliver is backed by our all-inclusive assistance. Along with providing your team with the essential construction pads and excavator mats you need in less time, we support our partners with valuable land clearing services, interactive online guidance, and a range of related support services. 

Before moving forward with the next step of your project, contact our experts and find the right ground protection mats for your heavy equipment today. You’ll find affordable crane mat rentals, stronger wood mats for heavy equipment, and experienced online guidance that coordinates everything from fuel deliveries to comprehensive land clearing services concerning your timeline and project goals. 

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