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Niche Fueling Services

The logistics involved with accessing an affordable and free-flowing supply of fuel can easily distract from your primary project goals. As construction fueling experts, our dedicated spot fueling and emergency fueling services connect you with a well-established and highly capable source for onsite fueling managed the right way. Through a combination of nationwide energy partnerships, dedicated shipping routes, and affordable access to all of the most essential fuel sources, our goal is to optimize your project’s success. When you partner with our all-inclusive resupply services, we empower you to remain focused on your core objectives; leave the budget-friendly sourcing, delivery, and safe refilling services up to us.

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We Serve a Number of Industries Based on Need With Our Fueling Options

When entrusting your valuable equipment and the integrity of your operations to a fuel distribution partner, the partner you select must be well-versed in safe and proper construction fueling techniques. Our carefully curated suppliers are licensed, credentialed, and extensively trained on hazardous materials handling and safe fueling practices.  Whether we are refueling emergency generators after a disaster, or you rely on us for routine deliveries for tax-free spot fueling savings, we have years of experience servicing everything from cranes and forklifts to modern generators and trucks fleets.

We Specialize in the Following Fueling Niches:

Construction fueling

We have decades of experience in managing on-site fueling for large and small general contractors and subcontractors across all of the trades. We deliver fuel into excavators, backhoes, track loaders, cranes, bulldozers, and other equipment typically found at construction sites. Whether you need 10 gallons or 10,000 gallons or more, we can help. We deliver day and night, on weekends and on holidays to keep your construction project on-time and on-budget. Our construction fueling service providers are thoroughly trained in the risks of delivering fuel at construction site. Have you ever had a construction fueling company mis-deliver diesel fuel into the hydraulic fuel tank? We train our providers on the nuances of construction site fueling safety and best practices to ensure that you not only receive timely deliveries at fair, transparent prices, but also that your equipment is not damaged which could yield downtime and delays.
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Generator fueling

Our generator fueling service is used in many applications – by equipment rental companies, property restoration contractors, bridge and tank painting services, construction contractors, commercial property managers and others. We can deliver directly into your generators, your own bulk fuel tanks or portable bulk fuel tanks rented from Diverse Infrastructure. When we perform generator refueling services, we are inextricably intertwined in your operations. We understand the generators simply cannot shut down due to running out of fuel given the mission critical nature of projects requiring backup or supplemental power via a generator. Therefore, we operate around the clock, and whether you need one delivery a day, one delivery a week or even multiple deliveries per day, we will ensure that your generator always has an ample supply of fuel to meet your needs.

Emergency fueling

Following a natural disaster—like a hurricane, tornado or flood—or other catastrophes, like fires and water main breaks–buildings become saturated and must be dried out quickly to prevent the accumulation of mold and other damage to the building that could otherwise result in a total loss. Our emergency fueling experts have worked with hundreds of property restoration contractors and equipment rental companies to ensure a steady, reliable supply of dyed fuel for generators in all conditions. We even can arrange for dedicated fuel trucks that would work exclusively for you in the case of large losses.
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Spot fueling

We provide off-road diesel fuel and propane deliveries in many other industries via our spot fueling service. For example, we have saved landscaping contractors tens of thousands of dollars by developing on-site fueling programs with dyed diesel that eliminate the need for them to purchase much more highly taxed and expensive on-road diesel fuel at gas stations. Whatever your application, we can supply dyed diesel fuel, propane or diesel exhaust fluid to meet your needs.

Temporary Heat

In many parts of the country, work at job sites and construction sites cannot proceed in the Winter without temporary heat. We supply propane and diesel fuel for temporary heat to enable drywall to dry, concrete to cure, workers to work, and to keep your project moving despite the weather.
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Why Partner With Diverse Infrastructure to Simplify Your Fueling Efforts?

Starting with quality-controlled sourcing and a larger network of providers, we swiftly integrate our flexible services into the fabric of your operational routines. Our organized processes ensure that your generator fueling is proactively filled to prevent downtime delays. Our emergency fueling support is available around the clock and is the easiest way to stay ahead of high-consumption equipment and unexpected fuel shortages that would otherwise limit the success of your operations. 

We deliver to worksites off the beaten path, guarantee fulfillment accuracy, and protect your equipment from premature wear and tear with a variety of lubricants, exhaust fluids, and other essential supplies always at the ready. Ensuring that your equipment is operating at peak capacity is our specialty, and with our transparent services and clear communication supporting you every step of the way, your streamlined project success is the result. 

By utilizing our services for refueling emergency generators and ongoing spot fueling replenishments, you save thousands of dollars over the highly taxed fuel and time-consuming process involved with multiple trips to the nearest gas station. Along with our quality dyed diesel, lubricants, and other essential fuel supplies, we also provide comprehensive assistance with propane and fuel storage tanks. We can refill your existing tanks, or manage the complete onsite installations on your behalf. We offer everything from small, portable tanks and fuel jugs, to oversized tanks that are capable of fueling your operations for the duration of the project. 

As your spot-fueling partner, our success depends on the success of your project. Every service begins with integrated teamwork and simplified order management, and we act as your single point of contact for all of your niche fueling needs. You never have to deal with multiple providers or various invoices; we keep it simple, adjust our services as needed, and actively protect your budget with the best generator fueling and emergency fueling bulk rates in the industry.



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