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Why DI

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In addition to the wide range of services we offer to meet your construction access, equipment, and fueling needs, Diverse Infrastructure has developed a best-in-class Customer Satisfaction program. DI places an emphasis on delivering high quality products and services from the moment you engage with us to the moment the final invoice has been closed. If you’ve experienced unforeseen circumstances which affect your ability to complete your work, let us work with you to get your project back on track.

As an organization, we have decades of experience in Project Management and deliver an impeccable level of attention to detail to each client and business opportunity. Has your organization experienced challenges in getting your project demands met? Suffered losses or delays due to supplier’s lack of performance? Had a partner that did not invoice you timely and accurately? If so, give Diverse Infrastructure the opportunity to assist you today. Your decision to partner with DI can enable you to focus more of your valuable time on your projects’ critical tasks.

As a Construction Management Company we offer thirty (30) years of construction support services experience and have partnerships within the Electrical Utility, Equipment Rental and Fueling markets. Research shows that when Companies increase their diverse spend, they tend to see an increase in their market share. A Customer, Supplier or Sub-Contractors diversity commitment benefits the company because it promotes potential innovation through the introduction of new products, services and solutions.



Diverse Infrastructure, LLC. (DI) is a Woman Owned Business Enterprise based in Horsham, PA. that provides a Diverse/Minority Spend solution to our valued Customers and business partners.