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Fueling Products

Paired with the most convenient onsite fuel delivery in the business, our fueling products keep the power flowing and your costs down. Sourced directly from our trusted commercial suppliers, we are your go-to resource for off-road diesel, professional-grade lubricants, and every other quality fueling product your fine-tuned engine systems require. Available nationwide, our seamless distribution model and prompt resupply capabilities result in operational improvements from the forklift to the onsite generator. 

Utilizing our network for reliable access to tax-free red diesel fuel and other essential fuel products involves more than a routine off-road diesel delivery service. With a wider range of fueling options and adjacent solutions like propane/fuel storage at your disposal, we are well-equipped to address your evolving operational demands. By trusting in Diverse Infrastructure to professionally manage your off-road diesel needs, you gain:

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From project commencement to completion, we treat your project goals as if they were our own. We understand the importance of respecting your time and project goals and organizing every aspect of the fuel sourcing and delivery on your behalf. Clear project collaboration is what sets us apart, and at any time, you can easily adjust your required fuel quantities, request specialty lubricants and DEF, or give us a call when a fueling emergency arises and our experts will arrive without delay.

Offering Several Fueling Options for Your Project

As seasoned off-road diesel distributors, our best services begin with carefully selected and trustworthy suppliers that have earned a reputation for consistent quality and accuracy. Order integrity and prompt service is our guarantee; we take your trust in our fuel network seriously, and back every fuel order with clearly documented order information, flexible scheduling, and easily adjustable order requests. We take pride in maintaining open lines of communication, and as your dedicated fuel partners, you can count on us if you ever have a problem with a delivery or need emergency assistance at a moment’s notice.

Our Fueling Products Include:

All of our best red diesel fuels, exhaust fluids, lubricants, and propane supplies are available in a range of delivery methods and quantities. For example, schedule a daily delivery of small, 10-gallon jugs to better manage your in-the-field equipment refills. Or, perhaps you’re operating in a colder climate and need a centralized propane source to keep the worksite warm. 

We can install any sized propane tank onsite, deliver thousands of gallons of red diesel fuel to power your entire fleet, and specialize in providing the fastest onsite fueling anywhere in the country. Whether you need reliable truck-to-truck refills or a more affordable supply of lubricants and exhaust fluids to protect your valuable equipment, we are well-equipped to keep your supplies topped off.


Through its nationwide network of curated commercial onsite fueling services providers, we supply dyed diesel fuel for commercial customers at job sites, work sites and property restoration projects across the United States. Whether you are a public utility, a general contractor, a subcontractor, a design-build contractor, a landscaper, a fleet manager, a property manager, or any other commercial business in need of dyed diesel fuel (also known as off-road diesel fuel) for your machinery or equipment 24x7x365.

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propane fueling


Through our nationwide network of screened and carefully selected propane suppliers with expertise in commercial propane delivery, we supply propane in 33# cylinders, 100# cylinders, 420# cylinders, 500 gallon tanks, 1000 gallon tanks and up. Our customers include construction companies and contractors in need of propane for temporary heat at job sites, restaurants who use propane for cooking gas, forklift fleet operators who use propane to power forklifts, utilities, phone companies and others who use propane to power generators, and property restoration contractors who utilize propane to provide power for generators connected to desiccant dehumidifiers and other equipment used in response to natural and man-made disasters.


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Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diverse Infrastructure can supply diesel exhaust fluid for your fleet vehicles, in jugs, totes, bulk or direct to your vehicles or equipment by way of direct truck-to-truck refueling.
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motor oil


We supply lubricants for commercial and industrial applications, including but not limited to motor oils, greases, and hydraulic fluids for use in vehicles, construction equipment, generators, and other applications. Our commercial and industrial lubricants can be delivered in packaged quantities or in bulk.



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