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Erosion & Sediment Control

We can supply and install a wide range of erosion and sedimentation control products. These offerings include straw, straw matting, stone tire scrubs, composite filter socks (silt socks), silt filtering media, scour stop matting, silt fencing,  hydro-seeding, limit of disturbance (lod) fencing and job site protection barriers.

We have a broad base of knowledge/equipment to offer wetland maintenance/repairs and construction drainage solutions. 

We can provide the required inspection documentation for all products that we install and maintain working under the guidelines of the issued (if applicable) environmental permits and regulations of the conservation districts. Maintaining compliance to construction Environmental and Sedimentation (E&S) plans is a top priority.

erosion and sediment control

A quality erosion and sediment control plan safeguards the surrounding environment and improves the integrity of every project site. We deliver and install both temporary and permanent erosion control measures, and work by your side until every project consideration has been addressed. Our detailed processes ensure that your worksite remains in compliance with environmental regulations, while simultaneously preventing serious project issues that arise without the appropriate erosion and sediment control measures in place. 

Ultimately, our advanced erosion prevention solutions improve project efficiencies, promote healthier ecosystems, and protect your business model from avoidable erosion and sedimentation control issues. We have over 30 years of experience establishing safer project fundamentals, and begin every strategic erosion prevention plan with collaboration and consideration for your ongoing project demands.

We Help With The Prevention
Of The Following On Your Construction Site:


A planting process comprised of a seed and mulch slurry that is a soil stabilizer sprayed on prepared grounds. By re-establishing cover on exposed ground, Hydro-seeding helps prevent soil erosion on hillsides and sloped areas. This type of planting is also useful for fast planting over large areas.
slit sock

Silt Sock

Compost Filter Sock is designed to trap silt and sediment in an effort to prevent these materials from leaving the site, entering and polluting surrounding bodies of water. Silt sock traps gravel and sediment while allowing water to filter/pass through. Silt Sock can be used in a variety of storm water management applications.

Silt Fence or Filter Fence

Constructions sites disturb the earth causing loose soil to infiltrate nearby bodies of water. Silt fences temporarily maintain sediment during construction and excavation activity to protect the quality of water in nearby watersheds.
utility silt fence and restoration over schuykill parkway
silt rock and straw mulch restoration

Straw Mulching, Straw Bales, and Straw Matting

Erosion control blankets are used to slow down the speed at which water moves across a surface. Straw mulching is applied to protect newly planted seeds; the mulch keeps the seeds moist and prevents the seed from washing away. Straw bales can be used to slow rainwater, catch mud and runoff pollutants when the bales are staked to the ground end-to-end in a tight row, with no spaces between them. Straw matting is used to strengthen soil by giving plants more opportunity to take root. Erosion control mats inhibit erosion on banks, slopes, hillsides, roads and waterways.


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Drainage Swales

Manage water runoff as well as filter pollutants, and boost infiltration. Runoff is slowed, captured or diverted and then spread horizontally to aid rainwater infiltration into the surrounding soil.
drainage swales
silt sock around substation fence

Conveyance Channels

Storm water conveyance channels are man-made waterways or ditches lined with vegetation or rock used to safely redirect water.  


Graded limestone or granite strategically placed to slow down water flow and inhibit erosion at any waterway or water containment area where there is potential for soil erosion.
Rip Rap for Erosion Control
storm water run off and erosion rerpairs

Storm Water Run Off and Erosion Repairs

Gabion basket installation for stabilization and permanent repair solutions allow water to flow freely while preventing further erosion and potential facilities damage.

We Provide Erosion Prevention Plans

Since every unique landscape requires an adaptive approach to minimize your project’s footprint, our erosion control specialists prioritize organized and budget-friendly interventions. For example, if your project is located within a basin that’s affected by excessive runoff, our best erosion and sediment control barriers will effectively redirect water away from your worksite. We know how to keep your worksite dry, utilize access matting to preserve surface integrity, and proactively protect nearby watersheds and terrain with erosion control filters and fencing that keep worksite hazards professionally contained. 

Along with every organized plan of erosion control, we back our effective solutions with objective documentation. Our erosion and sediment control measures are proven to protect the environment, and our quality documentation provides your company with the verification it needs to remain in local compliance. Not only will we help you preserve our precious watersheds and minimize your footprint, but our erosion control solutions protect your reputation and demonstrate that your company cares about our planet as well. 

Other Beneficial Reasons to Invest in Erosion & Sediment Control

Aside from respecting the Clean Water Act (CWA) and reducing the damage to nearby terrain, many of our erosion and sediment control services improve the effectiveness of your day-to-day operations. For example, with cost-effective straw barriers or a strategic storm drainage system installed, your worksite and equipment are protected from issues caused by flooding, surface instability, and other elemental factors that cause delays and other avoidable project problems. 

Our erosion and sediment control services support many other operational objectives as well, like:

Prevent sediment and chemicals from spreading beyond the worksite with cost-effective options for filtering, containing, and preventing loose sediment from leaving the area.

This soil stabilizer is used to prevent erosion on hillsides and sloped surfaces. Ideal for exposed sections of terrain where loose soil and gravel could invade the worksite or in situations where sedimentation poses a risk to the surrounding environment.

Support surface integrity by slowing water movement across surfaces and promoting healthier underlying plant life. Erosion control mats, straw mulching, and bales act as an effective contaminant filter, keep seeds in place, and can even be utilized to prevent erosion along hillsides, roadways, and waterways.

These are only a few of our effective erosion and sedimentation prevention solutions. With any of the erosion prevention solutions we employ, you can expect enhanced surface stability, professional sedimentation control, and quality-controlled environmental safety that extends well beyond your worksite.

Contact Our Team to Learn More About Our Erosion & Sediment Services Today

The moment you get in touch with our sedimentation prevention experts, you can expect helpful guidance and a commitment to solution-oriented planning. We treat our clients’ projects as if they were our own, and never settle for an improved worksite until we have connected you with the best options for your precise project goals. 

Hand-in-hand with our proven erosion prevention methods, clear client education is the cornerstone of our supportive business model. We will gladly discuss the details of our erosion control strategies with you in-depth and will do whatever we can to deliver, install, and prepare your project for success concerning your timeline and budget.

Our E&S Controls Work

planting trees for erosion prevention along utility right of way near 99 merrick rd hamilton twp
silt sock circle peco project
temporary road to silt fence access and erosion PECO 6680 Project
erosion prevention



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